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My Approach

My approach consist of many avenues including providing empowerment content and strategies through literacy and other forms of interventions. I provide opportunities to explore mental health through therapy services, modules, psycho-educational techniques, and task oriented guidance.

My therapeutic approach is to help solve problems for today’s woman by balancing the hustle and bustle of life, with creating a space to discover and/or rediscover “Who I Am” and how to heal from life’s issues that have caused anxiety and an overwhelming sense of self-doubt.


This framework will engage females of all walks of life who have a common goal of becoming HER BEST by first starting with how she views self. She may struggle with dealing with the broken pieces caused by her trauma, unhealthy relationship patterns, parenting mishaps, and self-inflicted negative coping habits that often overshadows her authentic self and feelings. She will learn to connect the pieces to start healing by developing positive patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that promotes healing. 


The framework will explore cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), person centered approach, and solution focused brief therapy (SFBT) that encompass mindfulness techniques and other strategies that promote action, accountability, and achievement.


"Normalizing the act of healing and finding her Therapeutic Glow."

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