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Therapeutic Glow Counseling
Precious Grimes, MA, LPC

Servicing Missouri & Texas

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Women who are experiencing anxiety & depression from trauma, motherhood, relationships, and codependency and desires a change agent that would help her develop the skills she will need to manifest her best self. She desires to change through healing and rediscovering her natural GLOW.



Couples who are experiencing irrational thoughts and emotions of self and unresolved past issues are impacting their relationship. Both, have the desire to change and explore individually and as a couple through intimate and creative techniques. Collectively healing and GLOWING.



 She is ready to develop positive parenting practices with her child/ren and understands the necessity of bringing our family on the journey to normalize feelings, setting expectations, and breaking negative patterns of behavior. Disconnecting from trauma bonds and healing the family while she is finding her GLOW again as a woman and mother.

Therapy Sessions
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Accepted Forms of Payment
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • United Health Care
  • Cigna
  • Self Pay Full and Reduced Rates
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Precious’ specialty is providing a safe and interactive environment to tackle difficult subjects, deep seated trauma, or to just say the things you never thought you would say out loud. She has worked in the mental health field for over 10 years and has been a licensed psychotherapist for over 5 years. She develops life plans that are therapeutic and creative to explore to make your goal chasing meaningful and powerful. She designs her framework to help tap into your natural power and use evidence based practices to help you reach your Therapeutic Glow. 


I provide a comprehensive set of services for:

Those who struggle with motherhood

Those who experience unhealthy relationships

Those who use codependency or negative attachment to formulate her identity

Those who struggle with making and maintaining connections as result of trauma

Those struggling with healing from past trauma and experiencing adverse symptoms


About Me

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Getting Help

Ask yourself these questions and inquire about my services when you are ready to explore the answers.

  1. Who gives us permission to show true emotions?

  2. How could you gain the ownership of your story? 

  3. Is there a safe space for us to process our trauma and begin to heal? 

  4. Are you ready for elevating and healing, not temporary solutions?

  5. Are you ready to define and refine your Therapeutic Glow?




Self Esteem







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