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Therapeutic Glow Counseling
Precious Grimes, LPC, MPA

Therapy Office

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She is experiencing anxiety & depression from trauma, motherhood, relationships, and codependency and desires a change agent that would help her develop the skills she will need to manifest her best self. She desires to change through healing and rediscovering her natural GLOW.

Parenting Education & Wellness Coaching

 She is ready to develop positive parenting practices with her child/ren and understands the necessity of bringing our family on the journey to normalize feelings, setting expectations, and breaking negative patterns of behavior. Disconnecting from trauma bonds and healing the family while she is finding her GLOW again as a woman and mother.

Therapeutic Yoga



She is ready to embark on a journey, to unveil her inner radiance and find her GLOW with therapeutic yoga. A therapeutic yoga service is a specialized offering that prioritizes the physical and emotional well-being of individuals who have experienced trauma. Rooted in the principles of trauma-informed care, this practice places a strong emphasis on compassion and empathy. By tailoring yoga sessions to the unique needs of each individual, therapeutic yoga services empower participants to embark on a journey of self-empowerment and emotional recovery.

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